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Are you prepared financially for a recession?

There are things you should be doing right now just in case the economy tanks
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NORFOLK, Va. — The goal here is not to strike fear, but if the United States were hypothetically going to slump into another recession there are things financial experts say people can start doing now to better prepare yourself.

First, if someone isn't already, they should start saving up. Experts said it’s one of the smartest moves someone can make.

An emergency fund helps Americans weather unexpected costs year to year, but it becomes a lifeline during a recession, especially if they lose their job.

Experts recommend having enough set aside to cover at least three months of basic expenses.

Second, try to pay off any credit card debt.

Banks typically tighten up lending during recessions, so it could be harder to get a loan or line of credit when they need it.

But paying off cards as best as they can now free up available credit that might be needed later.

Finally, make good choices.

Seems obvious, but what experts mean is, consider holding off on any big purchases like a car or home remodel if someone knows it’s going to be a stretch.

It’s better to have that cash ready for something that doesn’t lose value.