An Atlanta man is warning others after he said his smartphone caught fire.

Curtiss McGeary told 11Alive he was talking to a friend at 1 a.m. Saturday when a hissing noise caught his attention.

"I pulled the phone away and looked at it, and I noticed a small skinny flame out of the phone," McGeary said. "I looked to verify 'is that really...' and just in that time, the whole bottom lit up."

McGeary said he'd only had his LG X Power phone for a few months. He was able to douse the phone with water in the sink to put the fire out.

"How did this happen?" McGeary said. "And more importantly, is this happening to other people?"

He escape with burnt carpet and a few blisters, he said, and is relieved he was awake when the incident occurred.

"As terrible as it was, I'm glad it happened the way it did. I was awake and talking when it happened," McGeary said.

McGeary, who works in IT, said the phone was not plugged in or charging at the time.

"I wasn't doing anything weird, it wasn't hot. I've never dropped it," McGeary said.

"I never had a box or server or router, just burst into flames," McGeary said of other technology. "I've had overheating, and they're designed to shut off."

11Alive reached out to LG for a statement and to discover if other consumer complaints were reported with the same phone model, as well as Cricket Wireless, McGeary's provider.

Cricket Wireless released the following statement:

We carry a variety of LG devices in our portfolio, including the LG X Power. In order to fully evaluate what may have happened, we will need to receive the device and will work with the customer to resolve any concerns.

A spokesperson for LG said they will look into the matter:

At LG, we take customer safety and claims like this very seriously. Allow us to look in to this matter and we will get back to you shortly.