Oak Hill Middle School students gathered outside for the ground-breaking of the Safe Routes to School project Wednesday.

The project will provide students the opportunity to walk to school on sidewalks, something that Baldwin County doesn't have many of now.

"Our schools are not -- that are in our campus -- are not near neighborhoods that have sidewalks that would allow them to walk to school, or even to bike to school," Noris Price, Baldwin County schools Superintendent said. "So this would allow that opportunity to those students who want to do that."

The safe route will be a mile long with a 180 foot pedestrian bridge over fishing creek.

"It will connect three of our schools: Oak Hill, Creekside and Blandy Hills Elementary," Price said.

Jim Lidstone with Live Healthy Baldwin says this will provide alternative drop off and pick up points for students.

"If you come out here on Blandy Road, you'll see just a line of cars just sitting there, idling, waiting, you know for school to get out, for them to be able to pick up their kids," Lidstone said. "And so we're just trying to provide options for people."

Lidstone says grown-ups will supervise the students walking to and from school along those sidewalks.

"We have adults that would meet kids along a route and pick them up as they go, like a school bus would, and then chaperone those kids to where they want to get to, so that everything is safe and parents feel comfortable," Lidstone said.

Kyle Collins of the Georgia Department of Transportation says the Safe Routes to School project is only the beginning of a community-wide plan.

"I think there would actually be a trail head around where this project is so eventually this will be a way for folks to stay connected," Collins said. "They can go from Baldwin County schools and go all the way to the Oconee River Greenway and really a different way to get around town instead of traveling in the car."

Collins says the expected project completion date is December of this year, but he says it could be much sooner than that.