STONECREST, Ga – Members of a local boy scout troop passed out hundreds of fliers Saturday morning in an attempt to find the person responsible for burying a dog up to her nose on a DeKalb County ATV trail.

The case of Lulu, who eventually succumbed to her injuries, gained national headlines after the fluffy brown chow mix was found on a trail near Rock Mountain Boulevard and Lewis Road in Tucker, Ga., on June 6.

She was in tightly packed dirt, unable to move—only her eyes and nose were remained above the underground hole.

Eric Purdue, who was cutting briars along the trail, heard something, but he wasn’t sure what it was. He moved 25 yards in the noise’s direction and stumbled upon her.

Perdue’s nephew and son joined him and after 30 minutes of frantic excavating, they retrieved her from the firmly packed dirt hole, in which she was tightly wedged inside.

Perdue, who had been planning to adopt a dog, named the rescued animal Lulu, who died the next day.

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Members of Boy Scout Troop and Pack 1833, as well as Troop 70, distributed hundreds of fliers in and around the Stonecrest Mall on Saturday.

"Someone must recognize this dog, and the whole community is counting on that person to come forward before anyone else gets hurt," said Colleen O’Brien, vice president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). "These Boy Scouts have made a promise to help save other dogs from Lulu's fate, and PETA stands alongside them in doing everything possible to bring this dog's abuser to justice."

PETA has offered a $10,000 reward (plus $500 from a member of the public) and turned the fliers into printable posters.

The DeKalb County Fire Rescue Department, Georgia Animal Rights and Protection, and other members of the community have passed out over 20,000 fliers as well.