ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Video from a traffic stop show a woman purportedly doing cartwheels during her roadside sobriety test.

CBS affiliate KRQE-TV reported that driver Bryelle Marshall was stopped on local road by Albuquerque police officers on February 17.

Marshall is seen in the video walking unsteady as she is led by the arm by the police officer. When questioned if she had consumed any alcoholic drinks, she replied that she was fine.

The officer attempts to have Marshall walk in a straight line but when this proved to be problematic, Marshall does a cartwheel instead.


She is warned multiple times to perform the test correctly, but Marshall refused to comply and continued her acrobatics.

Marshall was arrested and charged with battery after she allegedly struck the officer with her leg. She also refused the breathalyzer and was also charged with aggravated DWI.