MACON, Ga. — Chico and Chang has been around for three years, and now their fusion cuisine is being recognized nationally.

The restaurant ranked 48th in Yelp's Top 100 Places to Eat in the United States for 2019.

The annual list uses customer ratings from Yelp to rank restaurants across the country. Chico and Chang has 4.5 out of 5 stars from 188 reviews.

"Oh my god, we're so honored, so happy... it's a great surprise to start off with this new year, definitely it's a great honor," said owner Ning Chang.

Chico and Chang mixes Korean and Mexican food.

"All the meats are marinated or prepared in the Korean cuisine way, but are served in the form of Mexican settings," said Chang.

They also specialize in boba, or bubble milk tea, which is made with tapioca balls.

Chang owns the restaurant with her husband and says it was their background plus his ideas that made the restaurant.

"We are Chinese descendants from South Korea, and of course we've been here for so many years, and you know Mexican food is kind of in trend now, and in our idea we're just trying to mix those up," Chang said.

She says they've attracted a lot of customers because they have options for meat-eaters as well as vegans and vegetarians.

Chang says they love serving their returning customers and seeing familiar faces, but they also get a lot of people that visit from out of town, as far as Atlanta and Savannah.

For the future, Chang says they'll continue to do their best and be themselves.

"Definitely we are different, but different in a good way," Chang said.

And they may just have a few new ideas up their sleeve.

"Expansion is definitely in our minds, but I think right now we are trying to focus here in the Macon market first, and who knows, we have a couple of ideas, so hopefully in the future it will be in our actions," Chang said.