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Houston County group, volunteers pack school supplies for Friday's Back-to-School Bash

If you live in Houston County and you have a child who needs a free backpack or school supplies, you need to read this!

HOUSTON COUNTY, Ga. — Volunteers in Houston County spent Wednesday morning packing about $20,000 worth of supplies for Friday morning's Back-to-School Bash.

This is something they do every year.

Dozens volunteers showed up Wednesday morning for about an hour to stuff hundreds of backpacks, full of school supplies like binders, crayons, and pencils, for Houston County students.

It's a countywide initiative led by Houston County Family Connection.

"I love that they're doing so much for the community," Devose-Fletcher said.

More than 100 volunteers, including Sydnei Devose-Fletcher, stuffed 2,400 backpacks.

"I think it's awesome. It's amazing, especially coming from a household where there was seven of us. I think it's very important that the supplies is given to children, so that they're not one, feeling like they don't have; and two, they're actually able to be successful throughout the year, because they do have the backpacks, equipment, to actually get the job done," Devose-Fletcher said.

Sydnei's husband Leland Green also helped.

"There's not a lot of people privileged enough to get the equipment and things they need for school, so it's good knowing there's a community out here that can help get these equipment to the kids," Green said.

Houston County Family Connection's new Executive Director Valkyrie Anderson says they stuffed supplies for every age group.

"Of course our younger ones are getting their crayons and glue sticks and our high-schoolers do have that three-ring binder in there. These supplies are going directly to students in Houston County who need it, so all the financial support from each of our donors and all of the physical and time support from our volunteers, that ongoing support is what makes it happen," Anderson said.

"I'm just interested in seeing what they'll be doing in the future and staying involved with the community," Sydnei Devose-Fletcher said.

If your student is in need of a backpack, you'll see most of these volunteers again Friday morning.

They will hand you your backpack through the car window.

You can pick one up Friday between 9 a.m. and noon at three different locations: C.B. Watson Primary School in Warner Robins, Thomson Middle School in Centerville, or Perry High School.

Family Connection says you have to bring your child with you and stay in the car.

"Whatever school you're closer to, that's where we'd love for you to go. It doesn't matter what grade level you're at, just go to your city and find your backpack," Anderson said.

They'll supply a free lunch, too.

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