MACON, Ga. — You can expect to see construction crews busy working near the intersection of Poplar and Second streets up until the middle of summer.

At the Willow Tree on Second Street, it is kind of hard to miss the construction.

Shop owner Melody Faircloth just moved to her new location two months ago, but she hopes the six-month project will make up for business she may lose.

"In the long run, especially when they get all these older buildings renewed, it is going to help," Faircloth said. 

SPLOST Coordinator Clay Murphey says the $1.5 million project will cause some growing pains, but crews are working to make sure businesses feel little to no impact.

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"We maintained access to all business, we maintained vehicle accesses if they got vehicles that have to come in and deliver, we make sure those businesses stay open," Murphey said. 

Second and Poplar will remain open, but you can expect to see traffic shifts as work continues.

"New sidewalks, benches, landscaping, new lighting, shared bicycle lanes, as well as designated bicycle lanes," Murphey said. 

Murphey says similar sidewalk projects downtown have been successful, so he is expecting the same for businesses like the Willow Tree. 

"It will be disruptive for a little bit, but it will invite people to come down the sidewalk and visit them," Murphey said. 

He added that the project is part of a bigger plan to connect Macon from the interchange to I-75 off Mercer University Drive.