After the recent tragedy that killed one person and injured many others at the Ohio State Fair, 11Alive dug a little deeper to find out that the company that provides the fair rides for most of the U.S. holds a contract with the Gwinnett County Fair and will be coming to the state in September.

According to Gwinnett fair manager Dale Thurman, they will continue on with the same fair ride company as planned.

However, he does not expect for the particular ride that killed a patron at the Ohio Fair to be allowed at this year’s Gwinnett County Fair.

“At this point, it will take them a long time to go through the inspection process to decide what the problem actually was. It probably won’t be at the Gwinnett Fair, but that is just a guess for now,” said Thurman.

In Georgia, the law states that if a ride comes into the state for the very first time, it must be inspected by the Georgia State Fire Marshal’s Office. However, if those rides decide to leave the state and travel to other state fairs and returns back to the state of Georgia, no one is legally required to inspect those same fair rides again.

"When those rides come to Georgia we're going to inspect every piece," said Deputy Insurance Commissioner Jay Florence.

"I think we, like everyone else, will wait and see what went wrong."

The company that provides fair rides is called Amusements of America and their first stop in the state of Georgia will be Gwinnett in September and will leave for North Carolina before returning back to Hampton, Ga. in October.

They have a schedule posted on their website.