DENVER, N.C. -- Finding fun and creative ways to reveal your baby's gender is all the rage lately. But one Charlotte-area couple's reveal struck out.

Although it didn’t exactly go as planned, it was still a home run for their family.

"We have one little boy who is three, so we wanted to do something fun and creative," Laura Garner said.

Laura, 32, and her husband Justin, 34, hatched the perfect plan to reveal the gender at their firstborn son Cannon’s birthday party. They decided it would be special to find out the gender alongside their closest relatives.

After searching Pinterest for unique gender reveal ideas, the couple decided on powder-filled baseballs that explode with pink or blue powder once hit with a bat. To keep their baby’s gender a surprise to themselves, the couple trusted a friend to load the ball with the appropriate powder.

"We didn't know the gender either, but we had an envelope from the doctor we gave to a friend and he filled the baseball with the pink or blue powder," Laura said.

Laura said the reveal already didn't go as planned as she and Justin both wanted to bat.

"I ended up pitching it and said, 'Just hit it real soft,'" Laura recalled. "He decided he needed to home-run-slugger the thing!"

There was a swing, but definitely not a miss as the ball went flying…directly into Laura's face.

"It hit me straight in the lip," Laura said.

While the ball didn't burst to reveal the gender, Laura and Justin's families exploded with laughter. The hilarity ensued even as the couple went for a second pitch.

"We didn't even get the video of the actual reveal because my sister was laughing so hard," Laura said.

However, one member of the family didn't find the reveal all that funny... at first.

"Cannon was very concerned about mom," Laura said.

Once the 3-year-old made sure mom was okay, he lightened up.

"He's probably watched the video about a million times."

After a second try, the ball burst and revealed Laura and Justin were having a baby boy. They're expecting their bundle of joy to arrive in December.