Officers with the Okaloosa Co. Sheriff's Office in Destin, Fl. responded to a call after a man found a plastic bag that washed ashore on Friday, July 7 at Gulfshore Drive.

What was inside of the bag? Cremated remains.

How did it get there?

When officers brought the bag back to the station, they found a tag with a name, date of birth, social security numbers, a case number and a location of death that read DeKalb County, Ga.

The name of the funeral home was also on the tag that was attached to the bag. OCSO Evidence Technician Monique Caldwell contacted Wages and Son Funeral Home in Lawrenceville, Ga and they confirmed that the bag contained the cremated remains of Ngacloan Hua.

Hua's sister and other family members were alerted about their loved one's ashes and were elated.

According to her sister, she believes that someone might have taken the ashes as the family was praying in an unknown location.

The family never knew what happened until now. The strange thing is, Hua has no connection to Destin and have no idea how they ended up on that beach.

According to Caldwell, they were "absolutely elated to learn the remains had been located, and asked that the OCSO package the bag and return it to the family."