It grabbed the attention of nearly everyone. From residents to law enforcement leaders, the city of Warner Robins took notice in early 2018.

"This one -- it's so close," said Jonathan Johnson. "So it started to make you wonder, 'Yeah, I gotta take a little more precautions."

"It's a sad night in the City of Warner Robins," said Assistant Chief John Wagner with the Warner Robins Police Department. "It's sad that there's such disregard for life."

A string of homicides started on January 13, 2018 at the Tanglewood Apartments on Elberta Road, where Vincent Junior was shot to death.

Hours later and just blocks away, Janak Patel was shot and killed at the Chevron station on the same road.

Less than 10 days later, Parker Moore was killed while working a shift at the Warner Robins Barberitos on Watson Boulevard.

Now, almost exactly 1 year later, police are still working the cases.

"Anything we had that we could send off for DNA analysis, anything we had available to do video enhancements that we had on hand, all that's been sent off for testing and we're waiting for those things to come back," said Warner Robins police chief Brett Evans.

They've arrested one man so far. Daniel Franz was taken into custody in 2018 and charged with murder for the Tanglewood Apartments homicide.

Chief Evans thinks that's their man for all three killings, even though, so far, he's only been charged for one of them.

Franz's 2018 arrest wasn't his first run-in with the law. According to documents at the Houston County Superior Court clerk's office, Franz had 2 closed cases and 4 open ones working their way through the court system, including some felony charges, at the time of the Tanglewood shooting.

Evans says that's frustrating.

"If something had been taken more seriously, maybe he would've been doing time instead of being out committing the crimes that he was out committing," said Evans. "That's certainly frustrating for the victims and their families."

We reached out to the Houston County District Attorney's office for comment, but so far, they have not responded.

Court records show Franz is currently being held in the Houston County jail with no possibility for bond.