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'Acknowledge the fact that I experienced that': Macon Subway employee fired after being held at gunpoint in robbery

The woman was working alone when two men in ski masks came to the north Macon Subway and held her at gunpoint.

MACON, Ga. — According to Bibb County Sheriff's Office incident report, a commercial armed robbery took place at the Subway on Forsyth in North Macon. The now-former employee who experienced it was Samyell Hunter. 

Hunter told 13WMAZ she just started working at the Subway. She was there for four days before the robbery took place. Hunter was told she would be working by herself but did expect it to be so soon. 

On Wednesday, she was working with another employee. Their shift ended at 7 p.m.

"I was prepping up, getting done for the night, getting prepared to close," Hunter said.

Around 9:22 p.m., two men in ski masks came into the store, demanded money from the register, and held Hunter at gunpoint. They took "at most, $100" and left. Hunter called 911 and her manager to tell them what happened. She says she never received a call from Subway's corporate office about the incident.

"All I want is for the company to at least acknowledge the fact that I experienced that," Hunter said.

The former Subway employee told 13WMAZ, she ask her manager if someone could work with her during her next 4 p.m. to closing shift. Two days later, someone was scheduled to join her but "nobody ever showed up."

13WMAZ reached out to Subway's corporate office for comment and did not hear back from them. We also went to the north Macon location to speak with the manager but they declined to speak with us. 

Hunter says was hoping she would be working the shift with someone. When they didn't show up, Hunter scared to work alone, went next door to the Dunkin Donuts to have an employee witness with her to speak with her manager on the phone. Hunter's manager told her to keep working. Fearing for her safety working alone, she closed the Subway. 

Hunter later called the manager to get an update on the new schedule and was informed she had been fired for "abandoning her job." 

Hunter suspects the robbery was an inside job because the box holding the money was left unlocked one of the men, opened the box with ease. Hunter says the money needed to be "dropped" because their system notified them. The employee training her said he would handle it but never did. Hunter was told by employees across the street they saw the employee she was working with outside the store talking with two other people outside the store and they were staying around the store suspiciously. 

While this is all speculation from Hunter's recollection of the incident, Bibb County Sheriff's Office is still investigating.

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