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'We're all worried': Bibb deputies searching for woman accused of threatening animal shelter employees

Arrest warrants for one of the people involved say they left the voicemail last week. Shelter employees found it Monday.

MACON, Ga. — Bibb County deputies continue to search for a woman they say made terroristic threats against the county's animal shelter.

They've already arrested one person: Billy Taylor. 

Investigators say the threats came after animal control took Taylor's dogs last week. According to an arrest warrant for Taylor, he and another woman left the voicemail at the shelter Friday, March 10. 

The shelter manager says it's the only time she can remember they've had to lock the whole place down.

"We're all worried," said Sonja Adams, the shelter's animal enforcement manager.

The whole shelter was on edge after discovering the voicemail Monday. 

According to an incident report, Taylor, and a woman named Sierra Adiasor, left a message saying they'd be Animal Welfare's 'new stalkers.'

"People get very, very upset about their animals," Adams said.

She says threats are nothing new, but this threat was different.

"People make threats like, 'Oh, I'm mad at you. I'm going to kill you.' Or, 'I'm going to set that place on fire,'" she said. "But generally they do that to your face."

The threats to burn Animal Welfare down and shoot people running from the flames weren't meant to get out, she said.

"She thought she had hung up," Adams said of Adiasor.

That's why Adams said they had to take this more seriously.

"You don't know what people are capable of. So, you know, we're like coming to work and looking over our shoulders and checking the parking lot and keeping the gate closed," she said.

They're measures, Shelter Manager Tracey Weathers says, they've never had to take.

"I'm thinking of my animals and my staff at that point. We've got to keep them safe and protect them," Weathers said.

Adams says those precautions continue as they all try to shake off the shock.

"Be mindful of your surroundings, and keep an eye out. And be prepared and know what to do if you do see her, or if she comes up here," Adams said.

She says there's also a warrant out for Adiasor, but she hasn't been arrested. She's accused of the same crimes as Taylor. They both face 13 counts of terroristic threats or acts.

After we first reported this, a Facebook post began circulating arguing that Animal Welfare didn't do their due diligence before taking the dogs. 

We took the post to Adams. 

She says they took the dogs after neighbors reported Taylor had moved out of the home and left the dogs behind. Adams says they left several letters in the door which were never answered. 

She says they never went into the house to take the dogs, and that Taylor himself put them in the truck.

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