A string of attempted robberies in Dublin over the weekend and police believe they were all committed by the same person.

This is a story about time and discount stores, and it begins in Dublin at a Family Dollar where Keith Lanier says he shops every single day.

"I'm close to the people here, too, you know, because they're down to Earth. Good customer service here, you know, and you have an attach -- you build a bond," said Lanier.

But while shopping on Saturday, Lanier saw something or someone who stood out.

"Well, first of all, the way he was dressed with the goggles on. OK, who wears goggles in the store at nighttime with a knit cap on?" Lanier asked.

And soon after Lanier left the store, Dublin Police Chief Tim Chatman says at 6:45 p.m., somebody used a gun to try to rob that Family Dollar. He says it was the first of three attempted robberies in less than three hours that night.

When Lanier came back the next day and a manager showed him the tape of the robbery, he said it was the same suspicious-looking person her saw on the candy aisle.

Chatman says he believes the same person used a gun and tried to rob the Family Dollar, Ollie's, and Friendly Gus Saturday night, and a day later, the same individual robbed another Friendly Gus. He says he's glad nobody was hurt.

"Certainly we don't, we don't want anyone to lose their life over money. You can replace that any day of the week, but a life, you cannot," said Chatman.

On Monday night, around 6:30 p.m., almost exactly 48 hours from that first Family Dollar robbery, Chatman says the person of interest in the case was arrested for a parole violation. He's been questioned but hasn't yet been charged for the robberies. Still, just knowing he was off the streets was welcome news for one loyal Family Dollar customer.

"They told me they apprehended the guy," said Lanier. "They sure did. That made me feel real good."

Chief Chatman says the investigation is still active and that person of interest will likely face more questioning.