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East Dublin plans to add security cameras as way to deter, solve crime

They'll be set up at two intersections: Central Drive and Nathaniel Drive, and Central Drive and Highway 319.

EAST DUBLIN, Ga. — East Dublin Police Chief Bill Luecke announced plans to add four security cameras at two main intersections. The main goal to deter crime, and catch suspects.

Luecke says you'll find the cameras along a popular road in East Dublin.

"In a small community it could prove to be very valuable," Luecke said.

"The cameras will be on Central Drive that's our main, tunnel. Highway 29, you've got Highway 80, Highway 319 all funneling through that one corridor," Luecke said.

They'll be set up at two intersections: Central Drive and Nathaniel Drive, and Central Drive and Highway 319.

Police hope the cameras will help in robberies, Amber Alerts, and other crime scenarios.

Steven Baggett's family owns "B & H Quick Stop" in the area, and about two-months ago, the family's store experienced a robbery.

"Got the money, finally ran out. When he got about right here on the other side of the store, he dropped his mask, so we called the cops and they came and got the footage," Baggett said.

Baggett's family store has close to 20 cameras, but it wasn't until two weeks after the robbery that they caught the suspect. He says if East Dublin had their security cameras, set up already, "I feel like they would have been able to get the car tagged, got a better look at the robber, and probably all in general, probably catch them a little faster."

"If you're hunting a bad guy and he's driving the vehicle, all we need is a description of the vehicle and we will get the tag," Luecke said. 

Ultimately, both men agree the addition of the cameras could do a lot of good.

"Plus, even the customers here I think it will make them more safe because they see security here. 'Oh, this is a store I can come to shop here, not have to worry about anything.' I think this will actually help the community and everybody," Baggett said. 

"We may look at putting a couple more in. It's like another patrol car. You got more eyes, you're there," Luecke said. 

Chief Luecke says all the cameras should be in place by July 5. The cameras will also work for outstanding traffic violations.

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