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'It's been a lengthy process': Baldwin County sheriff, victim's husband clash over unsolved killing

We sat down with the sheriff and homicide victim Veronique Reaves' husband, Analdo Reaves, about their frustrations with the investigation five years later.

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — Five years after a Milledgeville woman was shot and killed while driving home, the Baldwin County sheriff and the victim's husband are still butting heads over the investigation.

We've been covering the unsolved death of Veronique Reaves since October 2017. 

That's when someone fired shots at her car as she was driving home down Highway 212 near Lowe Road at 1:30 a.m.

A single bullet penetrated her tail light and struck her in the back. Reaves spoke to officers who arrived on the scene and told them the shots may have come from a truck behind her.

However, she later died at a Milledgeville hospital.

The Baldwin County sheriff asked for help from the FBI and the GBI. They've interviewed possible witnesses, checked out several vehicles, and used new technologies, but he still calls it an extreme whodunit.

Sheriff Bill Massee and Reaves' husband Analdo Reaves got into a fiery exchange at a Milledgeville forum Monday night on unsolved killings.

13WMAZ’s Jessica Cha sat down with both to hear their frustrations about the investigation. 

"No updates. I can't get a police report of anything that happened that night,” says Reaves. 

Massee promptly replied with, “When we wanted to interview the husband, he lawyered up and wouldn't talk to us.”

Emotions were running high between the two at Monday night's NAACP forum.

Reaves says there's still a lot of work to do in solving his wife's death.

"I don't think that because of the forum that we're closer to getting any of the issues resolved,” he says.

Reaves says he's frustrated because he's gotten little to no updates in the past couple of years on the investigation.

"I've requested everything and everything has been denied. When you tell me that I can just go up there and get it, it's never been told to me like that,” he explains. 

Reaves says the sheriff's office hasn't investigated properly, and that details about how his wife died have changed over and over again. 

He says after five years, he's still a suspect even though he's cooperating. 

"I'm grieving my wife and you're coming at me like I'm responsible for what happened to my wife? What else help do you want me to give?”

Massee says while they consider the case cold, they're still collecting new information.

"We have spent literally more hours on this case than any case we've ever worked on,” he explains. "We've spent hours with Google and trying to learn how to put up a geofence to collect data. It's been a lengthy process.”

Massee says they haven't been able to clear Reaves as a suspect because he's been uncooperative during interviews. He says they want to do a new in-depth interview with the GBI.  

"He may have some information that he doesn't even know would benefit us. We're not sitting here accusing Mr. Reaves of anything except he has not been transparent with us during the duration of this investigation,” he says. 

Massee says the GBI is about to re-interview a few people in the next couple of days.

Reaves says he will agree to an in-depth interview, as long it's recorded by camera.

Massee says they do not conduct public investigative interviews. 

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