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'He began to go irate': Husband allegedly kills wife in Warner Robins park over affair

Detective Tyler Delgiorno says 32-year-old Alexander Fisher shot and killed his 30-year-old wife Christy Fisher, over a possible affair.

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — Police call it a domestic dispute that turned deadly.

A Jones County man allegedly shot and killed his wife in Warner Robins early Thursday.

Warner Robins police say the domestic dispute ended in north Warner Robins at the 100th block of Wallace Drive. A truck and car collided, crashed, and ended up down behind park trees, which is where the shooting took place.

Deloris Toliver Park seems quiet these days.

"Kids don't come out like they used to," Milton Walker Sr. said.

Milton Walker Sr. lives around the corner.

"It really didn't ever strike me that this ever happened this close to me, but you know, crime is everywhere," Walker Sr. said.

The shooting took place just after 1 a.m. Thursday morning. Warner Robins criminal detective Tyler Delgiorno says 32-year-old Alexander Fisher shot and killed his 30-year-old wife Christy Fisher. EMS rushed her to Houston Medical Center where she died.

"He began suspicious of where she was and what she was doing, and, by sheer happenstance, found her on the west side of the city and began following her, which led to the aggressive driving incident," Delgiorno said.

Christy had been driving with two people in the car. Delgiorno says Alexander rammed his pickup several times into her white four-door Sedan. After the crash, he says, Alexander shot her outside her car with a .380 semiautomatic handgun.

"Once he began suspicious of an extramarital affair, he drove to town and attempted to find them; and once he confirmed she was indeed with him, that's when he began to go irate and the incident ensued," Delgiorno said.

Police arrested Alexander at the scene. They charged him with murder, aggravated assault, and aggressive driving.

"With domestic disputes, they can take any form. They can happen anytime, any place. There is really no simple, normal way for them to happen, and that is what can make them dangerous," Delgiorno said.

"Didn't use to be like this in this neighborhood. People done moved in from everywhere and they bring that crime with them," Walker Sr. said.

"Police say the man who could have been having an affair with Fisher left the scene last night. They have not been able to interview or talk to him just yet. However, they also say he is not in danger or a danger to the public, adding he is listed as a victim in the case.

Christy Fisher leaves behind four kids. Delgiorno says the couple lived in Jones County and had been married for nearly 10 years. Her body is headed to the Macon GBI Crime Lab.

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