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Bibb deputies investigating after customer shoots security guard at Macon bar

It's just sad that this gentleman was just trying to do his job as security at the bar and he lost his life over it,” Major Brad Wolfe explains.

MACON, Ga. — It was another violent weekend in Macon, including the deadly shooting of a security guard at a business on Pio Nono Avenue.

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office says 46-year-old Jermaine Stewart, who worked at the Rodeo Bar and Grill Restaurant, was killed. 

Deputies say that a group of people who were at the bar earlier came back after closing around 4:30 a.m. Saturday. They say when staff asked them to leave, someone started shooting and Stewart was hit in the head.

13WMAZ’s Jessica Cha spoke with some folks in the neighborhood who say they’re concerned.

"I'm 75 years old and I ain't never seen anything like this in my life,” Mary Ann Miller says. 

She's lived in Macon her whole life and she says too many youths have guns these days, and there are consequences.

"I feel real bad about it because they took a man away from his family, and he deserved to live,” Miller says. 

She says she doesn’t feel safe in the area anymore and has a suggestion for businesses like the Rodeo. 

“I don't want to take those people out of business, but at a certain time, they should close up. I think 6 or 7:00 -- that's what it should be,” Miller explains. 

Asia Chaney works near Pio Nono Avenue as a homecare giver. 

"I think it's really sad, there's been a lot of shooting going on-- young black men getting killed due to whatever reason-- gangbanging and everything,” she says. 

Chaney says she's been in the Rodeo Bar & Grill before.

"It is a club, so you know they have drinking going on, things like that. It's surprising, but it's kind of not surprising. It usually happens a lot,”.

Shattered glass can be seen on the pavement as Major Brad Wolfe says stray bullets hit nearby businesses.

"We're part of the community too, we want it to stop as well,” Wolfe explains. 

He says they get called out to the Rodeo often– 13 times this year already.

"From aggravated assaults to entering autos, to hit-and-run accidents. I mean, it's just a wide variety of calls there at the Rodeo this year.”.

Wolfe says the Rodeo is shut down for now for violating a county ordinance that requires working security cameras that can record.

"It's a very critical tool in the investigation to have that video evidence that shows exactly what occurred and who was present. It's just sad and unfortunate that this gentleman was just trying to do his job as security at the bar and he lost his life over it,” he explains.

Now, Wolfe says it's up to the owners to get their cameras fixed.

He also suggests when businesses have problems with customers like this, they should call law enforcement as soon as possible.

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