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'I just want justice for my sister': Protesters demand answers from sheriff in death of Brianna Grier

GBI released more information in the investigation stating the door was not shut all the way.

SPARTA, Ga. — More than a dozen protesters gathered outside Hancock County Sheriff's Office demanding answers about what happened to Brianna Grier, the woman who fell out of the backseat of a deputy’s car and died from injuries days later from the fall.  

Lottie Grier, Brianna’s sister, was among the protesters. She said she was devastated by her sister’s death. 

"I just want justice for my sister," Lottie said. 

Sheriff Tomlyn Primus addressed the crowd at the protest and let them know they were attempting to figure out how Grier was able to exit the car. 

"My condolences to the family for them losing a loved one -- that's basically what I want to say to the family," Primus said. "Now how she got out the back of that vehicle, we are in the process of trying to get a clear understanding to give answers to the family just as well as the public.”

Hours after the protest, the GBI released some findings in its investigation and found the rear passenger-side door of the sheriff's car was never closed.

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According to the news release, agents conducted interviews, reviewed body camera videos and performed mechanical tests on the car. Automotive experts and the Georgia State Patrol assisted in the test to determine if there were possible mechanical malfunctions. 

The GBI said Grier was placed in the back of the car, handcuffed in the front with no seatbelt. The investigation revealed that after she was arrested, they tried to put her inside the back seat of the deputy's car on the driver's side.

One of the deputies walked around and opened the rear passenger side door. The deputy went back around to the driver's side. Both deputies put Grier in the back seat and closed the rear driver's side door.

The deputy thought he closed the rear passenger side door, and the deputies left the scene. They drove a short distance before Grier fell out of the moving car. Body camera footage reveals the deputies had no contact with Grier from the time she was placed in the car until she fell out of the car. 

The GBI investigation remains active and ongoing.

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