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'It has become a warzone': Lake Wildwood residents want law enforcement presence after shooting

The people inside the home are OK, but folks living in the neighborhood are worried about their safety.

MACON, Ga. — Monday night, a house in Lake Wildwood got shot up. The people inside the home are OK, but folks living in the neighborhood are worried about their safety.

For the second time this year, the peaceful neighborhood has experienced gun violence, and residents say they want answers. Bibb investigators say one house on Friar Tuck Lane has been shot at twice in 2022.

Michael Mitchell lives directly next door to that house, raising his five young children.

"Been here eight years, and for this to happen twice like that next door, it's kind of scary," Mitchell said.

Just a few houses away, you'll find Angie Horne. She built her home in Lake Wildwood more than 30 years ago, and like Mitchell, raised her children here.

"Recently, it has become a warzone," Horne said. 

Mitchell cares deeply for their safety, and he's concerned.

"When they get to shooting, we can't do nothing but hit the floor until we hear them peel off," Mitchell said.

"I heard I don't know how many shots it was. It sounded like a machine gun from the old movies," Horne said.

She says the violence in the area is surprising.

 "I can't ever say that I've lived anywhere in my whole life that twice I've been this close to gunfire," Horne said.

Mitchell says Monday night's shooting couldn't have lasted more than 30 seconds, but, "Seeing them jumping and everything, it kind of made it seem like five minutes," Mitchell said.

He knows it's enough time for someone to get seriously hurt.

"'Y'all hit the floor, hit the floor. Stay in the room, stay in the room,'" Mitchell said.

Ultimately, both neighbors want to see an end to the violence.

"I really wish the sheriff's department would have a little bit more presence. I can't tell you the last time I saw one patrolling," Horne said.

"We don't know when they'll come back because they didn't get caught. We hope whatever issue going on will be solved away from here," Mitchell said.

"Nothing's going to run us out -- we are going to have to run them out," Horne said. 

Chief Deputy Michael Scarbary says they can't make the report public right now because they are waiting on more information.

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