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Jones County deputies search for third man involved in 'theft ring'

If you know where to find Adam Sindell, call the Jones County Sheriff's Office at 478-986-3489.

JONES COUNTY, Ga. — After two arrests, Jones County deputies are looking for a third man they say is part of a theft ring that stretched across Central Georgia.

Officials with the Jones County Sheriff's Office say it started with an attempt to serve an arrest warrant at a home on Highway 57. What happened after that was a discovery, they didn't know they'd be making.

It all started on Jan. 2 after a reported property theft on Masseyville Road.

"They were actually confronted by the property owner and when they got confronted, I guess it spooked them or they were trying to get out of sight, out of mind, which ended up them trying to run over the property owner on a side by side," Barron Hall said.

Barron Hall, a narcotics investigator with the sheriff’s office says they were attempting to serve a warrant to Adam Sindell who also had an earlier aggravated assault. When deputies arrived, they say the home was illegally hooked to electricity and water, but that's not the only thing they discovered.

"When they got there, they noticed several trailers, U-Haul trailers, enclosed trailers. They started running VIN numbers, on the trailers and discovered several of them were stolen out of a surrounding county, I believe it was Bibb County,” he explained.

Two other men were involved in what the Sheriff’s office is calling a "theft ring." Fredrick Rahn and Seth Arnold who led officers on a car chase.
Once they catch and arrest Sindell, Hall hopes the courts will get them off the streets.

"Hopefully the court system will do its job and get rid of the people, the problems that keep reoccurring. They get out and they keep doing the same thing. So hopefully we can get these locked up and locked down,” he said.

Hall says they recovered at least three trailers and got them back to the owners.  

If you know where to find Sindell, call the Jones County Sheriff's Office at 478-986-3489.


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