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Jurors unable to reach verdict on 1st day of deliberation in Washington County Tasing trial

Deliberation will continue on Monday at 9 a.m.

SANDERSVILLE, Ga. — On the 7th day of trial for three former Washington County deputies Rhett Scott, Henry Lee Copeland, and Michael Howell, the jury began deliberation.

The courtroom was just as full as it had been throughout the previous days of trial. Testimonies ended on Thursday with former deputy Rhett Scott as the final witness. On Friday morning, just before the jury was sent to discuss and review evidence, they heard instructions from Judge H Gibbs Flanders who read and explained the indictment and gave instructions on how to proceed 

 "Each of the defendants must be considered individually and you must assess their responsibility if any is proven by the state beyond a reasonable doubt as to each of the eight alleged offenses as contained in the indictment," the judge said. 

 Jurors started just before 11 a.m. and asked to return to watch the dashcam video. From there, deliberations went into the afternoon before not being able to deliver a verdict. 

The officers are being charged with felony murder, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and involuntary manslaughter, and an array of other charges. Because the jury could not come to a verdict Friday, the court has set aside Monday and Tuesday for their deliberation.