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'Change is going to happen': Macon faith leaders aim to stop violence amid latest homicide

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office launched an outreach program with some city clergy to try and help curb violence, called the Concord Project.

MACON, Ga. — Last week, three people were shot to death in Bibb County, bringing this year's homicide total to 36. Just a month ago, the Bibb County Sheriff's Office launched an outreach program with city clergy to help curb violence called "The Concord Project." Wanya Reese checked in with faith leaders to see how things are going. 

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In 2018, Bibb County saw a total of 41 homicides, and just this year, we've seen 36 already. That is why pastors are pulling the community together to try to end the violence through the Concord Project.

Nadia Andrews, Jarvis Knight, Davius Johnson are just a few of the people killed this year due to gun violence in Bibb County. 

"My initial reaction was definitely shocked, somewhat denial," Christopher Cabiness with New Hope Church. 

"I'm very upset and very angry," Belvin Ware with Macedonia Baptist Church said.

Both Cabiness and Ware are faith leaders who are part of the "Heal the Hood." The men are also part of the Bibb Sheriff's Office's Concord Project, which focuses on bridging the gap between deputies and the community. Deputies hope faith, community leaders, and those who've committed crimes can come together to "stop the violence before it starts." 

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"So right now, we are in the process of verifying scheduling for training, and then, we will be moving forward with other phases of that project," Cabiness said. 

Cabiness says they hope to help people with their faith and mental health and have a greater presence in the community with clergy ride-along.

"We believe as the word of God sweeps through this city, change is going to happen," Ware said. 

Cabiness hopes the Concord Project is in action by September, but in the meantime, he is working to "Heal the Hood" with words. 

"Think, man, just think -- sometimes, it is just best to walk away. It does not take away from your manhood. It is no disrespect. It is something that we just got to do," Cabiness said.

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