A McDonough man will serve 10 years in prison for beating an off-duty police officer with a pool cue.

Abel Cisneros, 59, entered a guilty plea to two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of aggravated battery in Henry County Superior Court on Tuesday. Superior Court Judge Brian Amero sentenced Cisneros to 20 years with 10 years to serve in prison.

A Henry County police officer was playing pool against Cisneros at a bar in McDonough on Feb. 17, 2017, when Cisneros attacked him.

Witnesses said Cisneros attacked the officer after he lost a game of pool against the officer. Cisneros was told to sit out while the officer and others played a second game. The officer was bent over the table to take a shot when Cisneros struck the officer on the head with a pool cue.

Cisneros continued to strike him with the broken pool cue after the officer fell to the ground.

The officer was treated at Grady Hospital for head injuries and intracranial bleeding.

“This officer was off-duty when he was violently attacked by this defendant over a game,” said Henry County District Attorney Darius Pattillo. “This man’s anger, along with alcohol, fueled this senseless attack.”

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