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'They seemed like a nice family': Neighbors speak on murder of Dublin woman, arrest of husband

Ben Whitaker is now charged with murdering his wife, just hours after police found her body inside their home.

DUBLIN, Ga. — People who live here on Penn Avenue in Dublin say it's normally a quiet and peaceful street, but on Wednesday morning and afternoon, neighbors say it was chaos.

"About 400 cop cars, caution tape, and I usually come this way home from work. I had to re-route and go the complete opposite way," says resident Tate King.

King and Easton Powell say they've lived on Penn Avenue for about three years, and the Whitakers were new on the street.

"The first time I ever talked to him, he was out in the yard picking up limbs. Seemed like an average guy, nothing out of the ordinary, really," says King.

"They seemed like a nice family, didn't see them doing too much really, but never had any problems with them," says Powell.

Friends and neighbors say the couple just got married this past May.

Dublin police chief Tim Chatman says they went to the home for a welfare check, and saw the woman dead on the floor in the kitchen.

He says once they realized her husband and his car were missing, they set out to look for him as the main person of interest

King and Powell say although they didn't know the couple well, they never thought a murder would happen so close to home.

"You hear about it sometimes in Dublin, some murders, like gang activity, but nothing of this nature. It's wild, especially not in this area," says Tate.

Chatman would not comment on exactly how they think Tiffani Whitaker was killed.

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