ATLANTA, Ga – It’s “Porch Pirate” season. The term refers to thieves who steal deliveries off people’s lawns.

Black Friday has passed and Cyber Monday is almost in the books. This season, deliveries are expected to be some of the highest of all time.

Last year, #PackageTheftWednesday trended after Cyber Monday.

So how do you avoid being the next victim?

Here are five ways to prevent “Porch Pirates”:

  1. Schedule the delivery – Pick a time someone will be home to receive package.
  2. Request a signature – But this requires someone being home.
  3. Request a pickup – This requires you going driving to the pickup location.
  4. Consider an Amazon locker –The online retailer now offers lockers or the option to allow the delivery person to place the packages inside your home.
  5. Send the packages to work – Of course, check to see if your employer allows this option first.

Although it may be inconvenient, in the end, its still a better option then dealing with recovering stolen items.