DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. – In Chris Ervin’s last Facebook post Monday morning he wrote, “…so lucky to be alive this morning I wanted to share my happiness with everybody.”

But after a fatal road rage incident, following a minor collision on Interstate 285 later that day, his post would haunt his Facebook friends and family.

Facebook post, Monday at 8:03 a.m. |

Good morning friends and family I'm having a wonderful morning just sitting here with a big smile on my face thanking God for everything he has helped me look in through I am so lucky to be alive this morning I wanted to share my happiness with everybody I hope everyone feels the same way as I do this morning good morning Facebook it's Monday morning let's get this money...

Ervin, 32, of Stone Mountain, Ga., was the victim in a fatal roadside shooting Monday afternoon, DeKalb County Medical Examiner's chief investigator, Mark Anglin, confirmed Tuesday morning. He would have turned 33 in July, his uncle, Eric Ervin, said.

He said that his nephew, a professional truck driver and father of three, was always the life of the party, ready to make you laugh and dance, and he always had a smile on his face.

The victim's father, Charles Ervin, said that he felt like it was all a bad dream.

"I'm in awe about all of it," he said. "I'm still spinning in a sense. For a minute, I said I need to wake up. I need to truly wake up. This is not happening."

Charles said he talked with his son Monday afternoon -- just hours before the fatal shooting.

"He was supposed to bring his son by, and that was the last I heard of him," he said.

Hours after that phone call, police said 39-year-old Johnnie Hudson, who was driving a Dodge pick-up truck, rear-ended the silver Lexus sedan driven by Chris, on southbound I-285 at E. Ponce de Leon Avenue.

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Investigators said Chris got out of his car and Hudson, who was still sitting in his truck, shot him through the driver side window.

Chris died at the scene.

"I observed the victim's lifeless body lying next to the left front tire of a tan Dodge pick-up truck," DeKalb County Police Officer G. Sampson stated in the incident report.

The officer also saw a broken driver's side window on the truck and shattered glass spewed along the road next to the driver's door and a .40-caliber shell casing among the broken glass.

"You don't shoot people for that," Eric said. "You call the police and the police file a report... It's a senseless killing."

Hudson remained on the scene until police arrived. He asked Sampson if Chris was still alive while he was being taken into custody.

Police took the suspect and his gun into custody. He was charged with felony murder.