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Missing baby bull 'Sir Loin' returned to Dewberry Farm in Texas

Sir Loin had been missing for almost a week before the Waller County Sheriff's Office returned him to Dewberry Farm.

WALLER COUNTY, Texas — A baby bull named "Sir Loin" missing for more than a week is back home safe and sound at Dewberry Farm in Brookshire, according to their Facebook page.

"We are THRILLED to announce that our baby bull stolen from Dewberry Farm has been found and returned safely!!!! A HUGE thank you to Depty Mendoza and the incredible team at the Waller County Sheriff's Office...and also to YOU for you prayers, collective efforts, and positive thoughts that brought our little buddy home!"

Sir Loin was taken on June 1. He is a miniature Hereford Bull Calf

Just two days before that, a baby goat named "Jackson" was taken. He was later returned as well.

"We didn't really think theft immediately because it could have been a wild animal," Dewberry Farm owner Wendy Lank said. "Right when we called them (the police) on Thursday morning to report that our little miniature Hereford was gone, they said, 'Wait, we have this goat.'"

And, just like that, Jackson came home.

"He was starving. He was weak. He couldn’t really stand," Lank said.

Deputies in Waller County took two women into custody at that time. It's unclear what charges the women are facing. Lank thinks the thieves may have dumped him on the side of the road.

At just 5 years old, Sir Loin is set to be a main attraction for the farm this year.

"It's so important that they are able to see, feel, touch and to have someone come in and take that away, purposely, it's hurtful," Lank said.

They think the thieves walked onto the farm, avoided surveillance cameras and went to the barn because they knew that’s where the animals were. 

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