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WATCH: Dashcam video shows Jones County deputy shot in traffic stop

After being shot to the chest, Deputy Kile took part in the chase to arrest Olivar.

MACON, Ga. — The Jones County Sheriff's Office released body camera and dashcam video capturing a Jones County deputy getting shot.

Sheriff Butch Reece says a bulletproof vest saved Deputy John Kile's life Sunday morning. 

Reece and Patrol Captain Travis Douglas walked 13WMAZ through the video of what was supposed to be a traffic stop. The stop quickly turned into a moment of life and death for a Jones County deputy, a call of a shot fired, and a 20-minute chase.

The video shows 24-year-old Zachary Olivar of Snellville driving about 35 in a 55-mile per hour zone and swerving. 

Credit: Jones County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Kile turns on his lights, and Olivar struggles to pull over.

Once he does, Deputy Kile talks to him for about two minutes.

"Put it in park," Kile tells Olivar. 

"OK. I'm not getting out," Olivar says, but he never gets out of the car. 

Kile tries to get Olivar to park the car, unbuckle his seatbelt, and step out of the vehicle. Olivar refuses, and in response, Kile asks Olivar if he needed to call an ambulance,  but seconds later, the situation turned from being a traffic stop to a call of a deputy shot.

"Do you have anything in the car?" Kile said.

"No, no. This is my home," Olivar said. The video then shows Olivar pulling out a gun wrapped in a green towel and shooting Kile in the chest. Sheriff Reece says the bulletproof vest Kile was wearing saved his life. 

"Shots fired, shots fired," Kile called over radio. Olivar then took off and started a chase. 

Though Kile had been shot, he never stopped his car. He stayed in the pursuit even while backup was still trying to catch up to the chase. 

"You'll see the deputy. He passes the ambulance. It's going to actually give him medical attention. That shows to the character to the Jones County deputies. He's making sure Jones County is safe. Get the bad guy out before he lets the ambulance check on him," said Capt. Travis Douglas, patrol captain at Jones County Sheriff's Office, said while walking through the dashcam video with 13WMAZ. 

Over the next several minutes, Olivar stops and starts driving. The video shows Olivar even waving backup patrol cars around his car.

Meanwhile, ahead of the chase, a deputy laid down tire spikes.

"I got him. I got him. They should be going flat, guys," a deputy says in bodycam video while he spikes Olivar's tires. 

Within a minute, Olivar's tires are flat, and deputies are able to safely perform a PIT maneuver.

After deputies are able to stop Olivar's car, the video shows Olivar pulling up the gun to shoot again. Deputy Kile shoots and warns his fellow deputies. 

"Gun, gun, gun," Kile warns to deputies moving toward Olivar's car. 

Deputy Kile stayed on scene until Olivar was placed in handcuffs.

"Well, he's got a great deal of character to go through with it, to go from being shot and then seeing it until the end," said Sheriff Butch Reece. 

Sheriff Reece says it's an emotional video to watch. 

"I've been here a long time. I'm 77 years old," Reece said while tearing up. "These are my children." 

After the arrest, Kile was treated and released at Atrium Health Navicent in Macon. Monday, Reece said the deputy was resting at home, but he should be back on the job soon.

Credit: Ashlyn Webb

As for Olivar, Reece says he's been taken to a mental health facility in Augusta after he made a suicide attempt and starting fights with deputies. Olivar faces aggravated assault charges. 

Sheriff Reece says his office has been in contact with Gwinnett County. 

The sheriff says Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office has responded to multiple calls about Olivar in the past week, including a shooting. Reece says Olivar's parents contacted Gwinnett County earlier this week to get mental help for their son.


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