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GA Department of Education releases annual list to help schools in need including these in Bibb

Georgia updated the standards for the CSI list for 2022 based on data limitations due to the pandemic.

MACON, Ga. — The pandemic impacted various things including certain aspects of education including the annual list from the Georgia Department of Education on which schools need a little extra help.

The lists are called Comprehensive Support and Improvement Schools and are given additional resources to promote academic recovery. The lists are called CSI and TSI for short and are created by the state. 

Keisha Harpe has grandchildren in school and their education means a lot to them. She wants them to do well academically while they are young but also if they choose to go to college. 

“In order for them to ever get to that point, things like this being brought to our attention are vital,” she said. 

Georgia updated the standards for its CSI list for 2022 based on data limitations due to the pandemic, according to Bibb County’s Executive Officer of School Improvement Steven Jones. 

They only used one indicator this school year, content mastery. Five bibb schools were on the CSI list including Ballard Hudson, Ingram-Pye, Southfield, Veterans and Williams Elementary School, the school Harpe’s grandchildren attend. 

While those five were named to the list, several schools have left the list including Union Elementary, Hartley Elementary and Appling Middle School.

The Georgia Department of Education sends effective specialists into the CSI schools to help target improvement. There are several other organizations that have partnered together to help support the schools identified.

For parents and guardians looking for other ways to get their children academic help, there are resources.

“Our district has purchased Tutor.com for every student in our district.” Bibb County’s Executive Officer of School improvement Steven Jones said. “We also have after-school programs that our students can participate in each and every day.”

The additional resources can help the upcoming generation work toward their future and parents can too. 

“My ultimate goal for all of them is to have a college education,” Harpe said.

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