HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — Henry County School officials said that two district central office employees had received an anonymous email threat early Wednesday against the school system.

According to an email release, the school system had received an anonymous email overnight with what they called a "non-specific threat."

The release said, in part, "Henry County Schools is working in partnership with SROs and other law enforcement officials after two district employees received an anonymous email overnight with a non-specific threat against our school system. Law enforcement is working to get to the bottom of who is responsible for sending this message. At this point, law enforcement has given no indication that the threat is credible, but the matter remains under investigation."

School system spokesperson JD Hardin said that the latest development is similar to a situation another metro Atlanta school district experienced earlier in the month with a similar non-specific blanket threat against their school system.

Hardin told 11Alive News that school resource officers are on alert, "but nothing in the message gave it credibility nor the need to provide extraordinary school security measures." 


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