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Just Curious: Where did all the decorations at Ingleside Village Pizza come from?

If you've ever stepped foot in the pizzeria, you've probably noticed Elvis memorabilia and colored lights

MACON, Ga. —

This report has been contributed by Rylee Kirk, a student from Mercer University’s Center for Collaborative Journalism. 

If you’ve ever gone for a slice at Macon’s famous Ingleside Village Pizza, you’ve probably noticed the inside of the restaurant is adorned with lights, lamps, guitars, and everything Elvis.

So we asked, how did Ingleside Village Pizza become so eye-catching?

It all started when they renovated their old location.

“We opened up the ceiling and it was just real bare up there, so that's how we got to hanging the lights,” said Ingleside Village Pizza owner Tina Dickson.

One thing lead to another.

“When we started hanging lights, we wanted to hang lamps as well,” she said.

Dickson went to Macon Transfer and bought every single lamp they had. She still has most of the original lamps hanging in the restaurant today.

“The guitars were a donation from a friend of mine,” Dickson said. “The pizza peels went up when the guitars went up because we go through a lot every year and I decided they’re pretty."

Artwork also hangs from the ceiling, most of which came from the Macon Rescue Mission, or that people have brought to Dickson over the years. 

“People give me lamps, they’ll give me anything Elvis related,” Dickson explained.

Dickson and Elvis were both born on January 8. She decided to embrace it, and add an Elvis flair to the decorations.

“I’ve got a puzzle put together in the ladies’ room that is a composite of mini photos of Elvis that make up one big photo of Elvis. A girl that worked here did that,” she said.

Dickson also has a photo of Elvis made out of velvet and a big statue of Elvis.

She also has two big windows covered all over with stickers. Customers were worried about the stickers when Ingleside Village Pizza moved across the street from the original location.

“People were very concerned about that window because it was full of stickers, and so my husband brought it over here and put it in there,” she said.


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