MACON, Ga. — Friday morning, high school graduates across Macon-Bibb County celebrated reaching their milestone in full force and reflecting on how far they've come.

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Seniors got to walk the halls of their old elementary schools in cap and gown and visit with former teachers. Central High School graduates visited Ingram-Pye Elementary School with their marching band in tow.

"It was very overwhelming," says Ingram-Pye Elementary teacher, Kimberly Lawson-Thomas. "I began to cry when I saw some of the students. I remember pushing them, telling them that graduation would soon be coming, and now it's here."

Lawson-Thomas teaches 5th grade English and has been working at Ingram-Pye for nine years. 

Current elementary school students celebrated with the seniors as they toured the halls. "I know that it's very motivating to see that graduation is near and that they can be part of that if they stay focused," says Lawson-Thomas.

For teachers like Lawson-Thomas, watching students grow up and accomplish their goals is an exciting moment.

"We spend 180 days with those students, so they become our kids," says Lawson-Thomas. "I like to call myself a teacher-mom, so I'm a proud teacher-mom."

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Seniors throughout Macon-Bibb County will be visiting their old elementary schools until Thursday, May 23.