MACON, Ga. — On Wednesday, students at the Museum of Aviation tried their hands at space exploration with a friendly rocket-building competition. 

It was all a part of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) event hosted by the Air Force Reserve Command and the Society of American Military engineers.

Over 60 students from schools in Houston and Bibb County came out to learn more about aviation, science, and teamwork.

"Everyone has a place at our table and we see that with the task and results," said president of the Robins Society of American Military Engineers, Colonel James Hickman. "Technical kids gain experience and input from artistic kids and vice versa."

At the third annual event, students formed teams and built their own rockets to see whose launched the farthest.

High schoolers also got to learn from military engineers from Robins Air Force Base.

"We hope to continue to grow this effort and, like I said, it is all about all students having the opportunity to learn and realize how we contribute to each other," said Col. Hickman.

Wednesday also marked the formation of the Society of American Military Engineers 100 years ago.

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