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School of the week: Wilkinson County High School students build solar ovens in STEAM curriculum

Activities like solar ovens do more than just getting students creative juices flowing.

WILKINSON COUNTY, Ga. — This week we are celebrating Wilkinson County High School! They are serving up new learning opportunities for students by mixing cooking and academics.

"We are incorporating STEAM into our curriculum on a daily basis here at Wilkinson County High School," Principal and athletic director Chere Lewis said.

She says one way they are adding STEAM (Science, Technology Engineering, Arts and Math) into students lives is through some students having a chance to build solar ovens. 

"The kids were able to use shoe boxes and pizza boxes along with some of the aluminum foil to build solar ovens that allowed them to harvest the energy from the sun and they actually cook hot dogs that were able to be consumed in a class setting," Lewis said. 

Student Joycelin Barfield says she would do it all over again.

"When we did it, it was fun I really enjoyed it. I have never did anything like that before. I learned things from doing it too," she said. 

Activities like this do more than just getting students creative juices flowing.

"It takes them out of their norm. They are not use to seeing those things in the classroom. So it gives them an excitement about learning and education and recognizing that they can do things inside of a classroom setting that can still incorporate things they can use on a daily basis at home," Lewis said.

There is also the chance that these learning experiences can lead to a job in the future, help them prepare them for college and overall life after high school.


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