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'We really want our students to be independent': Woodfield Academy is our School of the Week

Woodfield Academy in Macon was founded in 1997 by parents who had kids with learning differences.

MACON, Ga. — "This really bright kid who had been extremely happy in school and had a lot of success in elementary school hit the wall," says Becky Sessions.

Over six years ago, Becky Sessions noticed her son Kelly Sessions was having problems in school. So she took him to get tested and discovered.

"My son was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder," says Sessions.

She knew the school he was enrolled in then wasn't the right fit. Then they found out about the Woodfield Academy in Macon. 

Their mission is to work with students diagnosed with learning differences and neurodevelopmental issues, according to Sessions.

Sessions is now the Head of Woodfield. She says many of their students are diagnosed with autism to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD.

"Then we have some students that have a lot of processing, auditory, and dyslexia situations," says Sessions.

The school's standards follow the state's curriculum. One of the main goals is to prepare students to transition into the world.

"We have a 5-year high school program that allows us to infuse life skills, math, and cooking classes. We really want our students to be independent," says teacher Spencer Braley.

Braley says most of the graduating seniors are employed already. Past students have entered career fields from EMTS to business like Becky's son, who works as a risk analyst with Bank of America.

"Traditional schooling may not give them the success they find here," says Sessions.

Parents who had kids with learning differences helped found the school in 1997.

They sat their student-to-teacher classroom ratio averages no more than 10 to 1. 

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