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Stars of Netflix hit 'The Crown' preview season two

The Crown stars Claire Foy, Matt Smith and Vanessa Kirby as Britain's royal family.
Vanessa Kirby and Matt Smith talk to entertainment reporter Kim Holcomb about their roles on The Crown.

After much anticipation, The Crown returns to Netflix this week.

Season two reveals more changes in the Royal Family, during a tumultuous time from 1956 - 1963.

Princess Margaret embarks on a new romance and has a lavish wedding. Vanessa Kirby reprises the role, and admits she’s a bit obsessed with the character.

“(I have a framed photo of Princess Margaret) in my toilet. I do. It's actually quite sad,” she said, laughing. "It's because I was so scared about playing her and not getting it right, that I ordered lots of stuff and tried to sort of absorb her."

The queen's love life is also a major focus in season two, as she navigates celebrity, duty, and time apart from her husband. Prince Philip, played by Matt Smith, becomes an even bigger part of the storyline.

"We sort of uncover and explore his childhood, which I think is quite interesting because it helps us understand why he is the way he is today,” Smith said.

It’s a revealing, binge-worthy second season – but it’s also the final one for the current cast. Season three will jump ahead in time, and all the roles are being re-cast with older actors.

"It's a good thing. And importantly, it's a good thing for the show,” Smith said. “That's the key. It keeps it fresh and interesting, it re-invents it, they don't want this tired old double-act coming out, do they?”

“We'd get wheeled out by the end,” Kirby added, laughing.

The Crown begins streaming on Netflix at 12:01am on Dec. 8

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