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7 TV shows and movies with Georgia ties to watch in May

Here's where to watch.

ATLANTA — In need of a new show to binge or movie to fire up on a night in? 

Look no further than these seven television series and movies to check out in May with ties to Georgia. All of these are mentioned on the state's tourism and travel website.

The Staircase

What's it about?: True crime aficionados will likely be familiar with the infamous murder trial of Michael Peterson, a crime novelist who was convicted of killing his wife, Kathleen, after she was found dead at the bottom of a staircase in their home.

The judicial battle that happened in the aftermath of her death already became the subject of a popular documentary series on Netflix. The new dramatized adaptation of the story stars Oscar-winner Colin Firth as Peterson, with Emmy-winner Toni Collette playing Kathleen.

Where can I watch: The first three episodes of the series will be available to stream on HBO Max starting Tuesday. After that, one new episode will go up each week.


What's it about?: Another miniseries based on a shocking true-crime story, this time about Candy Montgomery, who infamously killed a friend of hers from church with an axe back in 1980.

Actress Jessica Biel will star in the titular role as Montgomery.

Where can I watch: The series will begin streaming on Hulu starting on May 9.

Senior Year

What's it about?: After a cheerleading accident leaves her in a 20-year coma, a high school girl awakes at age 37 still determined to live her high school dream. 

Actress Rebel Wilson ("Pitch Perfect," "Bridesmaids") stars in the Netflix comedy as the older version of the character, as she sets her eyes on becoming prom-queen; a goal that initially seems a tad out of reach considering - you know - she's not a high schooler anymore.

Where can I watch: The movie will be available to stream on Netflix starting May 13.


What's it about?: There's a pretty vague description for this one on IMDb, but here it goes: "Ready for a night of legendary partying, three college students must weigh the pros and cons of calling the police when faced with an unexpected situation."

Where can I watch: Audiences will have a couple different options to check out this one. The movie will initially receive a small theatrical release on May 20 but will then will be available to stream through Amazon Prime a week later, on the 27th.

The Valet

What's it about?: According to IMDb, this romantic comedy follows a movie star who enlists a restaurant parking valet to pose as her lover, in order to cover up a relationship she has with someone else.

The cast includes Eugenio Derbez, Samara Weaving, and Max Greenfield.

Where can I watch: The movie will be available to stream on Hulu starting on May 20.

Stranger Things (Season 4: Part 1)

What's it about?: Oh, you know this one! The popular Netflix series focusing on a group of kids in the 1980s battling monsters and other-dimensional threats in their small town returns after a nearly three year hiatus. The series is one of the more notable ones to shoot in the Peach State, famously turning the old Gwinnett Place Mall into the retro-looking Starcourt Mall for season three.

Where can I watch?: The show's fourth season will be split into two parts dropping on Netflix over the summer. Part 1 (which amounts to the fist five episodes) will be available to stream May 27. Part 2 will not arrive until July.

Tom Swift

What's it about?: A billionaire inventor, Tom, is thrust into a sci-fi conspiracy and unexplained phenomena after the disappearance of his father.

Where can I watch?: The series kicks off May 31 on the CW.