TEMPLE, Texas - The father who was severely injured while trying to rescue his daughter, Kaitlyn Oliver at Temple Lake Park died Thursday morning.

Patrick Oliver was surrounded by family at Scott & White in Temple when he was pronounced dead at 9:34 a.m.

Oliver’s legs were severed in the process of saving four-year-old Kaitlyn after a houseboat driven by Jason Bernal backed into her while she was in the water the evening of June 23 in Lake Belton.

Since the tragic incident, the community has came together to support Oliver's family including crowdfunding to support Patrick's medical expenses for his critical injuries. On Saturday, Belton Lake boaters gathered to honor Kaitlyn and even prompted conversation about safety in area lakes.

Crotty Funeral home in Belton volunteered to cover Kailtyn's memorial. Co-owner Jarrah Crotty and her mother said they felt a connection to the Oliver family and said it was an easy decision for them to make. Since the announcement of Patrick's death, Crotty funeral home said they will be holding both Patrick and Kaitlyn's funerals together.

The Crotty funeral home said they are asking for community support for the family. The family said they would be open to a public service for Kaitlyn and Patrick. However, the decision is pending until the family coordinates with the funeral home on Monday. The funeral will be free of charge.

Jason Bernal was charged with criminally negligent homicide in Kaitlyn's death. No additional charges have been filed in Patrick Oliver's death at this time.