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Frankly Speaking: Go West, Young Man!

4 years, $150 million-plus to wear the colors of the Los Angeles Lakers.

This is a column of opinion and analysis by 13WMAZ’s veteran news and sports anchor, Frank Malloy.

Go West, Young Man!

Well, LeBron James isn't a young man -- at least in NBA years -- but he is heading West.

4 years, $150 million-plus to wear the colors of the Los Angeles Lakers.

No real surprise -- one of my sons overheard a young man in a store two weeks ago telling his mom LeBron was going to the Lakers because he didn't have any help in Cleveland.

Mom wanted him to buy LeBron's Cavs jersey. He passed. Smart kid.

And speaking of smart, here it is July 2 and LeBron and Kawhi Leonard and Boogie Cousins are still the talk of the town. Keep in mind the NBA season ended three weeks ago. Now that's a league that understands what marketing is all about.

Back to LeBron -- no real drawn out drama this time around, but his arrival in Los Angeles further tilts the balance of star power to the Western half of the league -- as in West equals best, East equals least.

And for all of the LeBron haters, give the man his due -- one of the game's best players ever and not a hint of controversy or inappropriate behavior off the court. And in this modern-day era, I think that should count for a lot.