This weekend, Georgia College will host their first Peach Belt Conference league of Legends Championship.

Essentially it's a conference tournament for video gaming.

You may have caught a Georgia College basketball game or cheered when the Bobcats crossed home plate on the diamond.

Now there is a new team on campus, and this weekend, they're going for a conference championship.

Noah Greene is on the squad.

"I'm like, 'By the way, guys, I play for the Georgia College Legends team,'" he said with a smile. "People are like, 'What's that?' and it's like eSports, and, 'Oh, wait, that's really cool.'"

Their field of play is League of Legends, a popular game across the country. ESPN even tracks the rankings.

"You work on teams of five, similar like basketball, and the objective is to destroy the Nexus on the other end of the enemy base," Noah said.

And there is a gift for the folks that can climb to the top of their game.

It comes in the form of scholarship money, but getting a check is a little like fighting an army with a fireplace.

"We have to get first or second in the Peach Belt, and then we have to beat one of the higher teams, someone like Georgia Tech or UGA, to beat one of them to qualify to go to LA to play for scholarships," he explained.

It's a long road that begins this weekend when Noah and the other guys will hit a stage and play in front of their Bobcat fans.

"What the crowd sees is a giant projector with a huge screen, and they see the game on a three-minute delay just because of how the rules work," Noah said.

The team went 7-2 during their regular season, and they've got their mouse set on the finals.

The first match is noon on Saturday in the ballroom in the student activity center at Georgia College. Finals are Sunday at 11 a.m. and the championship round begins at 3 that afternoon.