A Valley mom just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

“He’s six pounds seven ounces, 19 inches long and absolutely perfect,” said Shannon Geise, mother of newborn.

Judging by all of the smiles in the delivery room, you'd have no idea how hectic the morning was. Let’s just say, baby Sebastian came a little early.

“He was not patient, he was ready to come out right now,” Geise said.

Monday started as a normal day for Geise. She had a doctor’s appointment and was looking forward to Sebastian’s due date a week later, but that changed quickly around midnight.

“I felt a pop, and it was my water breaking. I know what’s going on, there’s no turning back now, this is happening,” said Geise.

She grabbed her 17-month-old daughter and jumped in the car.

“I realized when I started driving that I did not have a lot of time,” Geise said.

At 1 a.m. Geise's contractions were getting so severe that she had to pull over. After one involuntary push, Sebastian was on his way into the world.

“His head came out and then I pushed two more times and then his shoulder’s and everything came out,” said Geise.

Geise kept the baby warm with her dress and called 911.

“I never thought I’d say those words, I just had a baby in my car and they were like well is it already born and I said yes he’s out and crying can’t you hear him?” Geise said.

The dispatcher alerted the hospital and Geise drove the rest of the way, baby in hand.

Can you say supermom?

And all of this happened with the now big sister in the back seat.

“She was great; she was laughing. I believe she was watching Angry Birds on the DVD player, had no idea what was going on,” Geise said.

Hospital staff rushed her up to labor and delivery. However, the work was already done.

“This whole pregnancy I thought he was going to be this calm and laid back baby, but that was all thrown out the window when he was born on the side of the road,” said Geise.

Baby Sebastian will have quite the story to tell for the rest of his life.