Did you know your body reacts significantly different when the weather is colder?

Yeah, we know you shiver and put extra layers on when it gets chilly outside, all of those typical things you do happen for a reason but we're here to tell you about all of the weird things that happen to your body when it's cold outside.

Burn more calories (Don't get excited, it's not weight-related)

When you shiver, you lose calories. Your metabolism rises when your body shivers in an attempt to keep itself warm.

However, this is not an excuse to eat cake! So, don't go crazy.

Fingers get skinnier

When you are cold, your blood leaves the extremities and retreats to the core of your body in an attempt to stay warm. So, when the blood retreats, your fingers shrink.

So, if your rings are not fitting properly, don't freak out. Your body is just trying to stay warm.

Eyeballs can freeze (WHAT!?)

Again, don't freak out. When it's extremely cold out and you are fighting the elements for an extended period of time, it is possible for your corneas to freeze.

Also, in places where it snows often, it is possible to go blind from the reflection of the sun bouncing off of the snow and into your eyes.

So you go ahead and wear those sunglasses at night. Protect those eyeballs.

Increase risk of heart attack

Your heart is working twice as hard to pump blood through your veins and keep your body warm, thus you see an increase in heart attacks during the winter.

Red face

Ever wonder why your cheeks get red after you come inside from the cold? Well, since your body was working so hard to bring your blood to your vital organs, your face seems paler when you are outside.

The moment you come inside and this survival instinct is no longer needed, the blood rushes back to your extremities. That's where your flushed cheeks come from.

Be sure to bundle up and protect those extremities!