The new adventures of old Christina are taking place in the gym these days. Christina Bryant is trying to erase the unhealthy memories of the past with her newfound fitness journey.

Bryant explains, "I was somewhat of the fluffy kid or the chunky kid growing up. I definitely was kind of dealing with childhood bullying and obesity and things of that nature, but it was a happy life."

Although it was a happy life, Christina knew she deserved better. After reaching her heaviest weight of 270 pounds, she knew she couldn't wait any longer. So four years ago she decided to change her life.

"And I was 28 years old and the doctor basically told me you were suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and depression," says Bryant. "And I said at 28, I was too young for this and I refuse to do this, so I went home to my mom and started crying and the next morning we got up and started walking," said Bryant.

And walking eventually turned into running, and running turned to bodybuilding. In her first appearance, the 32-year-old scored her first competition win. She says she's come a long way, adding muscle to cover up old wounds from years past.

Bryant says, "I've quit several times, but I've always told myself, 'This is your dream, this is what you wanna do, this is how you wanna be. This is your life now, so suck it up and get over it.'"

Getting over the hurdle of a nearly 140-pound weight loss, Christina says she couldn't have done it alone -- without family, friends, trainers, and even the people she's never met that she inspires every day on social media.

"I do it for the women who think they can't and the women that don't want to share their story," says Bryant. "The ones that don't have a voice loud enough to say, 'How do I start?' or 'Where do I begin?' I do it for those women."

Christina is busy training for another bodybuilding competition in November, attempting to earn her professional status.