13WMAZ producer Jeff Vinton stays busy knowing in just a few days, he will be saying "I do" to his girlfriend of nearly 3 years. So when he's not chasing news, he's in the gym burning off the calories to prepare for the big day.

Jeff has rededicated his life to being “Amped Up” in the gym with running and lifting weights months before the actual engagement. He says having a special occasion marked on the calendar has been his push along this journey.

“It’s the day you're going to remember forever,” says Vinton. "How you looked, how you felt -- all that kind of stuff is such a huge motivator to know I have this date coming, I want to look healthy and be healthy.”

Working long hours and being stationary in the newsroom made it hard at times for Jeff to stay focused, but his workout regimen of 4 days a week resulting in a 12-pound weight loss convinced Jeff to keep the healthy trend going even after he and Julia tie the knot.

“If I ever joke about, 'No, it’s all about you,' she says, 'No, it's about you, too,” explains Vinton. “And it really is. It’s a day that celebrates us and all eyes are on both of us. At the end of the day, you both want to look good.”

Jeff and his bride to be plan to get married October 8th in Arizona.