Nutrition and Exercise go hand in hand while trying to live healthier life. In between your daily exercises, you'll need to grab a snack to fuel your body.

Here's a look at Marvin's top 5 healthy snacks to munch on when he's feeling like a snack on the go.

#1: Peanut Butter- Nothing beats peanut butter in Marvin's eyes. One serving size is just right for a snack.

#2: Almonds- A quick snack after a workout to provide fuel for the body. Almonds are packed with good fats, high protein and fiber.

#3: Sugar Free Jello- Just to satisfy his sweet tooth!

#4: Crystal Light: Sometimes you need a little flavor to drink your adequate amount of water. Marvin's dedicated to drinking 64 ounces of water a day. Sometimes, he need the flavor to help!

#5: Deli Turkey and Cheese: This snack is similar to a sandwich, but Marvin does without the bread!