It has been a long journey for Tammy Ezell, a woman who has battled obesity her entire life.

"When we had our third child, I got up to 250 pounds, so weight has always been an issue for me from one spectrum or the other. I felt like I was trapped inside this body and I needed to get out of it," said Ezell.

During her journey of improving fitness and nutrition, Tammy says she had to start speaking life into herself and make herself believe she was worth the improvements.

Ezell said, "So I'm sitting here 250 pounds but I'm saying to myself, 'I am tall and slender and I wear a size whatever,' and after that, 'What can I do to meet that?'"

Wade, Jakie

Tammy continued to challenge herself over the years by eventually completing two half marathons and even entering the bodybuilding arena, all while being a wife and mother to five children.

She says the results you get from shedding off the pounds is only half the celebration.

Ezell says at her largest, she wore a size 16/18 pant, and at her lowest, she wore a 0/2.

She credits the key to her success -- besides having a very supportive husband and family -- as starting her daily routine every morning at 4 a.m. so she never has an excuse to miss a workout at the end of the day.