Cheryl Phillips found a renewed love for life and fitness after losing her mother nearly 7 years ago, and the process all started in a garden she nurses with her father, which has blossomed into her journey to better health.

“When I really paid attention and was mindful of the garden,” says the 58-year-old Young, “Everything remained healthy, everything grew well, and the bounty was great. If I got a little sloppy or lazy, things started happening that didn't go well for my garden.”

Outside of the summer, Cheryl, her husband, and her father's work in the garden helps yield what she says gives her the edge on better living.

“The garden also provided me with the foods that were best for me,” explains Young. “I'm not going to say no sugars or no carbs because that seems almost not humanly possible for me, but I do stay low in the area, and moving my body with yoga here in Warner Robins has helped me stay mindful.”

But through the 23-pound weight loss, decreased blood pressure readings, and dropping 4 dress sizes, Cheryl just wants to share her testimony so that it may help others find their way and grow.

“When someone asks, 'How are you feeling?' and you say, 'Better than I deserve,' no, you deserve to feel good and you deserve to be the healthiest you can be, and if it’s your circle of control, then you deserve to pay attention to it and be the best that you can be,” adds Young. “Because you are enough and you don't need to look like someone else or talk like someone else -- you are enough.”