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Georgia's COVID-19 case curve as of Nov. 19, 2021

Georgia's cases started to plateau at the beginning of November while some Central Georgia counties report rising numbers.

MACON, Ga. — As the holiday season approaches, COVID-19 cases aren't climbing in Georgia like this time last year, but they aren't really dropping either.

Georgia's daily case count dropped from an average of close to 10,000 a day at the peak in late August down to about 800 right before the preliminary window in mid-November. The progress in the curve starts to slow down right at the beginning of this month and the plateau continues well into the preliminary window. The state is still counting test results from that two-week time frame,  so tallies typically go up as they move out of the window.

When the levels plateau in the preliminary window, either levels will pretty much stay the same as the state factors in new test results or the state could see a slight increase in cases. It's too early to tell which scenario could play out.

Georgia now averages about a third of what the state saw this time last year as cases continued to surge into the holidays.

Bibb County saw a few small upticks over the past month but recovered and now reports a drop in COVID-19 cases. Right before the preliminary window, Bibb averaged five new cases a day. Numbers haven't been that low since early July. Bibb is also getting closer to the low of three new cases a day reported in late June. This time last year as cases were surging, Bibb's average was more than 5x higher at 28 new cases a day.

Houston County on the other hand is seeing an increase in cases. Cases rose from nine in late October to 14 in mid-November before the preliminary window. It appears the numbers start to drop within the preliminary window,  and while the state has not finalized these numbers, it could signal that the rise in cases will reverse course soon.

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Georgia's daily death toll has been steadily dropping since the latest peak in early September.

The state is still seeing a pretty steady drop in the number of Georgians dying from the virus, though. Right before the preliminary window, an average of 14 Georgians died a day. The state is inching close to this low point of five deaths a day recorded at the beginning of July.

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Hospitalization numbers have seen a lot of ups and downs within the past two months but are ultimately trending down.

Georgia is also seeing fewer people admitted to hospitals statewide. Right now, Georgia averages 108 new hospitalizations a day. The state is down to about a third of what hospitals saw in late September.

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